Tennis Betting


Introduction to Tennis Betting at GGBet

If you enjoy tennis or want to diversify your betting opportunities by trying other sports, you could try tennis betting. It has become one of the most popular sports at GGBet, with an eventful calendar all year round.

Tennis has been around for ages, with competitive scenes attracting thousands of fans. Do you want to bet on tennis or learn and succeed at this sport? Here is all you must know; read our beginner's guide for insights.

Types of Tennis Bets at GGBet

Live every competitive sport with wagering possibilities; the bet types vary in tennis. Different betting markets work for various punters, while some would be a no-trial for other bettors. Some bets could be based on specific events, while others are season-based. Before gambling on tennis, not the following markets for easier wagering:

  • If you are familiar with outright or moneyline bets, you will easily understand and match the bet. Though similar, the difference in tennis is that you won't select the winner but a single match. Since tennis has no draws, you can only choose the player likely to prevail. Underdogs have attractive odds compared to favorites. Match betting is the most popular wager since there are dozens of tennis events daily.
  • Outright/tournament winner bets are long-term perspectives and focus on an entire series. In this case, you back the player you think will be victorious at the end of a tournament.
  • Set betting is another common market in tennis where you base your prediction on the number of sets to be witnessed in a match. The scoreline must match your bet for it to win. Tip: focus on individual strengths, form, and latest performances.
  • Handicap betting on tennis allows you to spread bets by giving a player an advantage or disadvantaging the other. The wager is supposed to balance the equation based on the entire match or set. Your work is to assess individual skills and strengths and base your decision on the skill gap.
  • Over/under betting comes as another betting market whose prediction is subject to the number of sets or games played. You will see a bet line where you can choose the odds higher or lower than the threshold indicated. The idea is to focus on the overall game and its intensity when placing bets. For example, if you believe a game will end in more than 20 sets, you should choose 19.5 odds.
  • Parlays or accumulator bets are a combination of multiple possibilities in one bet. All the selections must be correct for the wager to win.
  • Futures are bets that require you to predict upcoming events, such as the Grand Slams and Wimbledon Men's Singles.

Major Tennis Leagues and Events

Knowing how to bet on tennis is easy, but not knowing when to bet could be frustrating. That is why knowing the tournaments and events that open gambling opportunities is critical. Some of the significant tennis events include:

  • Wimbledon is the most prestigious event for tennis players. It is a Grand Slam annual event with a global audience keeping an eye on it. Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal are elite players who performed exceptionally well at Wimbledon. Roger Federer has the most awards (eight) in the men's tournament, while Martina Navratilova holds the women's record with nine titles.
  • The US Open tour is another annual competitive event in New York City. Serena Williams has the most women's singles titles (six), while Pete Sampras and Roger Federer have five titles each in the US Open.
  • The French Open (Roland Garros) is an annual event held in Paris. Rafael Nadal is the favorite in this tournament.
  • The Australian Open is also a Grand Slam major happening every January. Novak Djokovic is the record holder with nine titles for the men's competition, while Margret Court has the most in the ladies' edition.
  • The ATP Finals is another notable series that happens at the end of every season. The top eight players participate in this event from the group stage to the finals.
  • The WTA Tour Championships is another prestigious event attracting elite singles and doubles players.
  • The Laver Cup is one of the latest tournaments that was birthed by the legendary tennis player Rod Laver in 2017. European players play against international competitors (team Europe versus Team World). Tournaments are held in Europe and the world; the latest one was played in Vancouver.

Tennis Betting Odds at GGBet

Any successful bettor must pay attention to odds and how they are calculated. Odds are formulated depending on what the oddsmaker thinks will happen. You need to understand the odds because you need these figures to calculate your payout.

Technically, a match's complexity, home advantage, player's form, favorites, and what the match means (prize and title) would mean a lot of possibilities. Hence, tennis odds refer to the implied probability. Tennis odds could be decimal, fractional, or American formats.

For decimal odds, you calculate the number by your stake to calculate your payout if the bet goes through. In contrast, fractional odds represent the probability of a player winning. For example, a player with 10/1 odds implies that he has ten in one chance of winning. Hence, the payout will be 10+1 = 11%.

Live Betting on Tennis at GGBet

One of the exciting features you can get on a betting site is to watch and bet on a match while it is underway. Tennis live betting strategy allows you to consider all happenings when selecting the odds.

Usually, you are required to select a live match and focus on it as you keep an eye on valuable odds. Real-time updates inform all the odds; what better way to familiarize yourself with the game and gamble? The idea is to look at the happenings and choose tennis odds that could win you a payout.

The good thing about live betting on tennis is that you don't have to wait until the match is over to cash out. Furthermore, you can easily choose the most valuable betting market, like prop wagers, if you can guess what will happen within the match. In-play tennis betting is an option if you can't comprehend the game's dynamics or want to watch all the action in real-time.

Tennis Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBet

Betting on Tennis matches is the main thing you get when you join GGBet and want to wager. However, signing up unlocks multiple incentives you can easily claim if you meet the wagering conditions. Promotions worth checking at GGBet include:

  • Claim a welcome bonus once you sign up.
  • Top up your bet account for the first time, and you will be eligible for a deposit bonus.
  • Subsequent top-ups will unlock the reload bonus.
  • Look out for special promotions for deposits made on weekends, holidays, and selected days.
  • And if you use GGBet as your preferred betting site, you can qualify for a loyalty bonus.

How to Place a Tennis Bet on GGBet

You can bet on tennis by following these steps:

  • Register your betting account at GGBet.
  • Fund your betting slip with the minimum amount allowed.
  • Check the tennis betting section for odds and select the most favorable ones.
  • Click bet now and submit your wager.

Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

Despite tennis betting being a matter of luck and chances, most bettors make the most of this opportunity with an effective betting strategy. You could make losses at the start, but you can minimize making risky bets if you try working on the following tips.

  • Know the basics of tennis – how the game is played and how a team wins before predicting possible results.
  • Evaluate individual player strengths and weaknesses to formulate valuable match-winner bets. Guessing the overall outcome could be much easier if you understand how each player can perform against the opponent.
  • Research and focus on head-to-head statistics when deciding. Players' patterns, dominance, and most-loved matchups can be resourceful when betting.
  • Find out player preferences and specializations; some prefer hard courts, grass, or clay to excel. Check out this for advantageous bets.

Customer Support for Tennis Betting

Betting on tennis should be one of the easiest things you can do. However, technical issues, usability, funding your account or withdrawing payouts, and selecting odds could be issues. Such occurrences can be frustrating, necessitating the need for customer support. Our team of experts is very responsive and ready to help for a fulfilling tennis betting experience; contact us for all your queries.


How Do You Bet and Win on Tennis?

First, sign up on GGBet and fund your account. Next, check the tennis odds and choose the ones you are familiar with. For starters, consider match betting, where your focus is on the overall results.

Which Tennis Odds Have Real Money?

All the odds you see present the likelihood of an event happening. Getting real money is subject to accurate predictions. Note that lower odds present a huge payout and require a smaller stake than higher odds, which will need a huge stake for a minimal payout.

What Tennis Events Can I Bet on?

There are several events in tennis. These include the Wimbledon, the US Open, the ATP Series, the Summer Olympics, the Davis Cup, and the French Cup for tennis betting.