Table Tennis Betting


Introduction to Table Tennis Betting at GGBet

Whether you are new to table tennis betting or an expert, the sport attracts many people worldwide. The idea is for you to look at the different fixtures and predict what you think will be the outcome of the match. There are several major competitive tournaments to watch out for in table tennis.

The hassle of finding a legit betting site with table tennis games can be overwhelming. That's where GGBet comes in; we are a reliable platform where pro and inexperienced bettors can easily trust and enhance their betting skills.

With bonuses and promotions you can easily qualify for, GGBet attracts thousands of punters. And if you have had a bad experience making correct wagers, we have the ultimate betting guide for table tennis. Find out how you can become a pro at table tennis betting and see how you can use these insights to better your gambling journey.

Types of Table Tennis Bets at GGBet

You can select a betting market from the multiple options listed at GGBet. However, there is a need to understand how they work before deciding. The most common choices include:

  • Both teams to score bets where you can win if both teams score at the end of the match.
  • Over/Under- GGBet looks at statistics and sets the scoreline. So, you predict whether the outcome will be over or under the threshold indicated.
  • Correct score bets require bettors to predict the exact score of the match.
  • First to score- you wager on a player or team that will score the first goal.
  • Live betting- you place your bet on a team or player when the match is in real-time mode.
  • Money Line- you only wager on one team based on their strengths and weaknesses. If the outcome matches your wager, you win.

Major Table Tennis Leagues and Events on GGBet

Knowing table tennis major leagues and events is significant in deciding when to bet. Tournaments happen regularly in different parts of the world; you won't run short of betting options. Below are the notable table tennis events:

  • Table Tennis Olympics remains one of the most popular and prestigious events dating back to 1988. It involves doubles and singles competitions for men and women.
  • Table Tennis World Cup is an elite competition that has been taking place since 1980. This event features women's and men's singles play. Since it is a global event, it attracts a huge following, and many bettors can utilize all the betting options for a chance to win money.
  • World Table Tennis Championship is played in both men's and women's doubles, singles, and team competitions. Team competitions happen in even-numbered years, and individual competitions in odd-numbered years.
  • The European Championship is an annual event that attracts pro players in the European singles, team, and doubles competitions.
  • ITTF World Tour is one of the ultimate events in table tennis. It features talented professional table tennis players for the worldwide tournament. Currently, it hosts 12 events every season, split into six Platinum events. The ITTF World Tour is prestigious and has more ranking points than the conventional six standard World Tour events.

Table Tennis Betting Odds at GGBet

Understanding betting odds is instrumental in making accurate predictions for a promising payout. The idea is for you to easily select bets once you know how they work. Odds represent the implied probability of a particular outcome in a match. Table tennis odds can be in American, fractional, and decimal formats.

  • American or moneyline odds have a plus or a minus symbol. The minus sign symbolizes a favorite, while the plus sign symbolizes the underdog.
  • Fractional odds- they are represented in fractional form. With these odds, you can predict your profit for every wager. The numerator represents the probability of the outcome, whereas the denominator is the amount you could win multiplied by your bet.
  • Decimal odds are decimal numbers; multiply them by your bet amount to find out how much you could get if your bet wins.

Live Betting on Table Tennis at GGBet

GGBet has an in-play feature that allows you to watch a match and guess what can happen while players are in action. You can do this by assessing real-time data and stats, then leverage live odds when you spot them. The exciting feature of live betting is that the chances of making risky bets are low because you analyze every possibility depending on the performance.

In addition, the match's momentum keeps changing and will inform all table tennis odds as the game progresses. This possibility also makes it easier to have access to a variety of betting odds.

One helpful tactic is to figure out the right timing and increase your chances of making profitable bets. Live table tennis betting is interactive and keeps you active as the game proceeds, giving you an unmatched experience.

Table Tennis Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

Special offers and promotions motivate new and old bettors to wager on different sports when using particular sites. As mentioned, using GGBet comes with incentives and has incredible moments betting on table tennis. Check out the following offers once you start using this site:

  • Get a loyalty bonus for using GGBet for an extended period.
  • A cashback bonus can be claimed if you lose your money after wagering. The refund cannot equal your bet amount - you can only get a partial amount.
  • Reload bonuses are worth claiming once you make additional deposits to your account, especially if you have been using this site for a while.
  • A welcome bonus is only available for new bettors. Sign up at GGBet today and become eligible for the welcome reward upon meeting specific wagering requirements before using it.
  • A deposit bonus is available when you top up your account for the first time; you get a deposit bonus. This could be free bets or a percentage of the money deposited in your account.

How to Place a Table Tennis Bet on GGBet

Having all this information about table tennis is one thing, yet placing a bet is another. You can follow these prompts and get started on table tennis betting:

  • Sign up for a betting account on the site and then log in.
  • Go to the betting section and find the table tennis category.
  • Browse through the list of upcoming events and available odds.
  • Choose interesting matches, and then add them to your betting slip.
  • Add the amount you wish to wager with.
  • Place and confirm your bet, and wait for the outcome.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting tips help you to make beneficial decisions when betting on table tennis. Strategies are a plus in rewarding gambling experience by capitalizing on your chances of winning. Try these table tennis betting tips for a successful journey:

  • Don't focus on rankings - a high-ranking player does not guarantee you a win at the end of a match. Instead of concentrating on a player's grading and performance, please find out how they achieved it by assessing their skills and winning chances.
  • Research comprehensively and understand the matchup before placing a bet. This way, you will have knowledge about a game's dynamics and context. You cannot tell how players become winners unless you understand table tennis.
  • Always compare table tennis odds and betting types before deciding. The availability of varied odds and diverse wagering markets can be confusing; you wouldn't want to make picks you are unfamiliar with.
  • Figure out individual playstyles and how they would match up against each other in a competition. The idea is to find out how players have an advantage over their opponents.
  • Work towards getting better and enjoy the small payouts. Successful betting is not about winning huge amounts but avoiding risky bets and minimizing losses because betting is luck-based.
  • As an amateur, try betting on local table tennis events before progressing to senior and international competitions. Getting exposure and continuous gambling helps you get better and bet like a pro.

Customer Support for Table Tennis Betting

GGBet has professional customer service for its users to ensure they get quick help when necessary. Bettors can contact the help team via email, live chat, or calls for instant support. We have a convenient and readily available customer care team knowledgeable in table tennis. We are dedicated to ensuring all users have a seamless experience; connect with us for comprehensive feedback on all table tennis betting concerns.


Can I Get a Bonus for Table Tennis Betting?

Yes. GGBet has several offers for its users to claim and be rewarded, subject to eligibility and wagering conditions. Check out bonuses like welcome offers, reload and deposit, cashback, and special-day bonuses.

How Can I Get Money for Successful Table Tennis Bets?

Cash out your winnings by selecting the 'withdraw' tab. Note that the amount you win is added to your bet slip, and you can withdraw the funds anytime.

Which is the Best Table Tennis Betting Odds?

It depends on your betting experience and the strategies you have worked on. Since wagering is subjecting, the most straightforward table tennis betting odds can be found in live betting.