Rainbow Six Betting


Rainbow Six has over time become the best Tactical Shooter game in the esports world. Developed by Ubisoft, its non-linear gameplay has been a big contributing factor to the game’s success.

Since its release in mid-2014, this masterpiece has gained rapid popularity, with recent statistics showing that it has more than 60 million players worldwide. Over the years, the prize pools for the game's events have been steadily increasing, reaching an impressive $3 million for the latest event. This immense popularity has fueled a booming Rainbow Six betting ecosystem, enabling fans worldwide to not only enjoy the games but also profit from them by predicting outcomes.

GGBet Rainbow Six being the leading esport bookmaker provides the most competitive odds and the most diverse markets. If you are a Rainbow Six fan and bettor, join GGBet today and take advantage of our high odds.

GGBet R6 Live betting

To make things more exciting in Rainbow Six betting, GGBet gives you the option of live betting. You can stream the games through our platform while making bets as things unfold in the game.

Live bets give you a chance to make a kill with their ever-changing odds. Visit our GGBet Rainbow Six lobby and get a chance to enjoy live betting like never before.

Best teams to bet on

Over time, professional Rainbow Six teams have emerged contributing further to the Rainbow Six betting ecosystem. Below we highlight 10 that have been the most consistent and offer you the safest betting options as a GGBet Rainbow Six member.

  • G2 ESports(Germany)
  • w7m eSports(Brazil)
  • Team BDS(Switzerland/France)
  • M80(United States)
  • Oxygen eSports(United States)
  • Team Liquid(Netherlands/Brazil)
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming(Japan)
  • Soniqs(United States)
  • FaZe Clan(United States/Brazil)

Best tournaments throughout the year

GGBet offers Rainbow Six betting opportunities on all the major Rainbow Six major tournaments. Of the several tournaments available, below we highlight the best three which apart from offering you entertainment present the best chances to win cash to our GGBet Rainbow Six betting family.

  • Six Invitational. This is the biggest and most prestigious Rainbow Six tournament. It is sponsored by Ubisoft and takes place annually. It’s the highlight that marks the end of the Rainbow Six sporting calendar. It takes place in February and all leading teams are invited to the battle of their lives as they fight for both bragging rights and the money at stake.
  • Six Major. This tournament is regional and it attracts players to fight for the leading position as the season comes to an end. It is also sponsored by Ubisoft and takes place annually.
  • Pro League. This tournament is not as big as the previous two but offers great Rainbow Six betting opportunities. The event brings together Rainbow Six’s great players for a chance to win its ever-increasing prize.

Rainbow 6 betting markets available

Betting on Rainbow Six games in our GGBet Rainbow Six lobby is an easy task thanks to the variety of markets we offer. There is a market for any kind of bettor regardless of their betting experience. You can also place multiple bets on a game/tournament to increase your winning chances. Below are bets that you can consider when you decide to try your hand at Rainbow Six betting.

  • Match winner
  • Totals
  • First Blood Drawer
  • Winner of the map
  • Number of kills