Netball Betting


Introduction to Netball Betting at GGBet

Exploring various sports to wager on increases your chances of becoming experienced. With popular events like the Netball World Cup, netball betting can be worth considering. If you are familiar with basketball, here is one sport you would love to bet on.

However, the gameplay in netball is different; two teams of seven players compete in a matchup. A team becomes the winner for scoring the most goals in four quarters.

Many bettors are including this sport in their wagers at GGBet. But betting on this sport could be challenging. Here is our ultimate guide consisting of everything you need to know.

Types of Netball Bets at GGBet

GGBet covers multiple netball betting markets that you must understand before betting. Here is an explanation of the possible bet types you could make:

  • A match-winner bet (moneyline) is the simplest wager in netball betting. The bet implies you choose a team you think has an advantage over the opponent. You can also predict if there will be a draw.
  • Similar to match-winner bets is the tournament victor. This variation allows you to choose the team that will emerge champions in an entire series or league. Tournament winner bets are suitable in events that feature pro contenders, like the Netball World Cup.
  • Spreads (handicap) bets are based on the projected goals. The favorites have the spreads and must beat this for your bet to win. For example, 4.5 odds for team X means they must cover the spread by scoring at least five goals to win this bet.
  • Total goals (first/second half, 1st/2nd/3rd/4th quarter) bets are predictions guessed on the number of goals that could be scored in a match. For instance, your guess could be 5.5 goals at halftime or quarters. Your bet only wins if the team records at least six goals.
  • The first goal of the game bet involves pegging your bet on the team you think will score the first goal. The good thing about this bet is you can cash out if the team scores first without waiting for the game to end.
  • Total points over/under wagers are based on a given number of points as presumed by the bookie. The points are estimated to be what will be earned by each team when the match ends. For example, odds could read 60.5 in a match. Selecting over 60.5 totals means the overall points should be 61 and more for your bet to win or not more than 60 totals for under 60.5 bets.
  • Consider future bets in netball to predict particular outcomes in upcoming tournaments.

Major Netball Leagues and Events on GGBet

Betting on netball is easier if you know what tournaments to watch out for and when to bet. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss for profitable wagering opportunities:

  • The INF Netball World Cup happens after four years. Australia and New Zealand are the most successful teams in this series. The tournament happens over qualifiers and then proceeds to medal rounds – all these events are competitive, and you can bet on them.
  • The New Zealand Premiership is an exciting contest sponsored by the ANZ Bank. Six netball teams participate in this prestigious competition for a huge prize. The series is played in 46 games annually over consecutive days.
  • The Netball Superleague tournament is held in the United Kingdom and is worth betting on because it is very competitive.
  • The Suncorp Super Netball (National Netball League) is a premier-level tournament in Australia. The championship happens from April to August and attracts eight teams.

Netball Betting Odds at GGBet

Netball odds are the wagers you choose, but what do they mean? Ideally, oddsmakers come up with odds to indicate the implied probability based on what the maker thinks will happen. A lot goes into formulating odds, and they are based on the likelihood of a particular happening in a match. Technically, GGBet will present odds based on the possibilities that could happen depending on the teams competing while disadvantaging the favorites. Netball odds could be fractional, decimal, or American.

Live Betting on Netball at GGBet

Netball games come with unimaginable thrills that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can watch every action even without being on the pitch. Thanks to live streams, watching and betting on ongoing matches through in-play betting is possible.

Since pre-match bets can be unpredictable, it is easier to guess what could happen in a match that is underway by factoring in every occurrence. GGBet allows its users to watch all real-time netball actions and formulate wagers based on the happenings. In addition, you will make live picks based on the current data.

Netball Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

GGBet is at the forefront of ensuring its users have an incredible betting experience on their site. This is made possible through comprehensive netball betting markets and odds. In addition, you could be eligible for several promotions and offers.

Among the easy-to-claim bonuses are the welcome token you get for creating a new account and a loyalty offer for making us your number-one gambling site. Other promotions worth claiming include a deposit bonus when you top up your bet slip for the first time, a reload bonus for subsequent top-ups, and special day promotions based on when you top up or bet on our site.

How to Place a Netball Bet on GGBet

Betting on netball should be hassle-free, regardless of where you are. Here is how to bet on GGBet:

  • Click the signup link and create a betting account.
  • Validate your account, add personal details, and choose a deposit and withdrawal mode.
  • Top up your account to facilitate wagering.
  • Find the netball category, look into the betting markets, and choose the most viable one.
  • Select the odds and enter the wager amount.
  • Place a bet by clicking on the ‘bet now tab,’ submit the wager, and confirm the action.

Netball Betting Tips and Strategies

Losing bets can be disappointing. But knowing how to minimize losses is vital. Tactical approaches increase your chances of winning; try the following when picking netball odds and betting:

  • Assess the teams competing, know if they are favorites or underdogs, and bet on the former because top contenders have the least chance of being defeated.
  • Player statistics and forms are informative. Look at what top players are up to, if they are nursing injuries if they have improved or have been performing badly. Top players with injuries could affect a team’s general performance. Always check the lineups and see if the best players are appearing on the start sheet before wagering.
  • Look for suitable odds; what they imply should be a golden rule when betting on any sport. Odds can be deceiving, especially because oddsmakers back the underdogs with positive odds. Unless you understand this and assess the possibility, you could lose money if the results are otherwise.
  • Find and analyze teams’ statistics, performance in different competitions, and current form. A particular pattern in individual teams could give them an edge or disadvantage them in an upcoming match. For instance, a team that has performed poorly in the last three matches against a rival could pull a surprise.
  • Know the tournament in action and what it would mean for participants. Some teams have a point to prove and have incredible gameplay, while others have nothing to lose and may not give their best. For instance, a team that has already qualified for the Netball World Cup and is still competing at the group stage may not line up their best players because they already have a foot in the prestigious tournament. In contrast, predicting finals between two teams could be challenging because both want to get the coveted honors. Ideally, analyze what winning or losing a competition would mean for opponents.

Customer Support for Netball Betting

Good and responsive customer support is attractive to bettors. Thankfully, GGBet has a professional, dedicated team ready to help its users with any issues related to netball betting. Chat with us via live messaging or email, or schedule a call for instant help.


Can You Bet on Netball and Win?

Netball betting is lucrative if you know how to. Before placing bets, one of the most fundamental things to consider is understanding how netball is played and won. In addition, you can research about teams and how they can match up in a competition. With this, you can analyze and compare odds and then bet with an understanding.

How Do I Cash Out My Winnings?

Before betting, you must include a payment method to enable the depositing and withdrawing funds. For every won bet, the amount will be added to your account. Click the withdraw option to access your money and cash out.

Which Netball Odds are Valuable for Betting?

All odds represent the probability of a particular chance happening, as the oddsmaker indicates. Selecting odds can be challenging, but take time to analyze and compare odds while factoring in if the indicated probability could happen. Good betting strategies can give you an edge in making correct picks. The most straightforward netball betting wagers are match-winner bets where you back a team that will win a match.