Handball Betting


Introduction to Handball Betting at GGBet

Handball betting is the process of predicting the possibility of an event/s happening in a match. Handball is one of the competitive sports disciplines with a huge and active fan base. Contenders mostly compete for a medal or a pool prize. On the other hand, punters find betting on this sport lucrative by maximizing handball odds.

GGBet is a reputable betting site that attracts handball fans and other sports to wager and win real money for correct predictions. Losing money for making wrong betting decisions can be heartbreaking.

However, knowing the game, finding suitable handball odds, and mastering the best tips can be advantageous. Let's look at all the must-know details for informed decision-making when betting on handball. Shall we?

Types of Handball Bets at GGBet

Handball betting comes with multiple markets to cater to diverse preferences. Familiarizing yourself with this can be resourceful in formulating good bets. Below are viable handball bets worth considering.

  • Match-winner bets are the most popular wagers in handball. This requires you to assess two competing teams and select the one to edge the opponent. Handball games never end in a draw; there must be a winner, hence the suitability of match-winner bets.
  • You can place league winner bets for league tournaments and choose a team with higher chances of winning the series. League competitions run for nine months. Besides the regular league tournament, this type of betting market is also viable in an Olympic championship that happens after two years.
  • Another common betting market is referred to as handicap. Here, you will see a margin with a plus or negative sign. You must select if the team will win (+) or lose (-) based on the points provided when placing your prediction.
  • Similar to handicap bets, you can also consider over/under bets. In this case, your bet is based on a team that will win with more (over) or less (under) given points.
  • Total goals are bets in which you predict the number of goals to be recorded at full-time based on the margin provided by the oddsmaker.
  • Prop bets are also common in handball and are subject to more specific occurrences. For instance, you could guess the player who will score the most goals in a tournament.

Major Handball Leagues and Events

Handball stands out in several countries, including France, Germany, Hungary, and other Nordic countries. With several competitive scenes in this discipline, every bettor must know the events that attract a huge following. For successful handball betting, below are multiple competitive selections worth keeping an eye on.

  • Eleven countries usually participate in the IHF World Championship. France has the most titles (6) for the men's competition, with Russia dominating the women's tournament with eight titles.
  • The EHF Champions League is another exciting competition held yearly in Europe. Teams are grouped on different criteria and then qualify for the ultimate competition.
  • The ASOBAL league is a Spain-based tournament played yearly to complete a season. 16 teams will participate in this competition.
  • You can also watch out for the Star League in France, where 14 teams compete for the ultimate medal, Coupe de la Ligue. Selected teams then qualify for the European championship.
  • Handball Bundesliga is Germany's professional competition. 18 teams compete in this series, with the best two qualifying for the EHF Champions League and the next four getting a spot in the EHF European League.

Handball Betting Odds at GGBet

One fundamental thing in betting is understanding how tipsters come up with odds. Odds determine how much you are likely to cash out for correct wagers. Odds are the probabilities of outcomes subject to a particular match. There's a lot a bookmarker will consider when deciding handball odds.

In most cases, the odds are the representation of possibilities, such as the number of goals, a match's outcomes, fouls, and other match-related scenarios. Favorites have the advantage in a game, but the odds will be against such teams.

Backing a favorite means you may have a smaller payout even when the wager is bigger. On the flip side, underdogs require a smaller stake for higher returns if the bet wins. Technically, the odds are American, decimal, or fractional. You can calculate the payout by multiplying the stake with the odds.

Live Betting on Handball at GGBet

In-play betting is a feature that allows bettors to watch a match and wager as it progresses. The handball odds are subject to a match's happenings and real-time stats. Therefore, wagers made as the game is underway could be more suitable if you have an extensive understanding of the game and how teams match up.

All you need is to be attentive as teams compete and evaluate everything that could affect the outcome before staking. And since live odds are time-bound, you must be alert to spot lucrative wagers to maximize them.

Handball Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBet

While betting on handball might be all you want to do on the GGBet gambling website, you can claim incentives that will make your experience on this platform incredible.

First, new users have a chance to claim a welcome bonus after validating their betting accounts. In addition, first-account top-ups unlock deposit bonuses and more offers for additional deposits. Other promotions can be unlocked on special days without forgetting the loyalty bonus for regular users.

How to Place a Handball Bet on GGBet

Betting on handball is easy; here are the procedural steps for wagering:

  • Click the signup link on the GGBet site and create an account.
  • After registration, top up your betting sleep to enable betting.
  • Look for the handball betting category and check the most viable market.
  • Select the wager and place the amount you want to stake.
  • Submit the bet by confirming the option.

Handball Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting on fast-paced and technical sports like handball is challenging for beginners. Even knowledgeable bettors are afraid of losing money for making wrong bets. That is why it is essential to strategize and work on techniques that increase your chances of winning. Practical handball betting tips include:

  • Analyze every match to have an idea of every possibility. Next, find out the most straightforward betting market and select the odds. For instance, totals and winning margins are the easiest bet types; handball has a higher scoring margin – your selection could be more or less than the scoreline indicated.
  • Avoid accumulator bets unless you understand how teams compare in a match.
  • There are no draws in handball matches; avoid such bets.
  • Research and stay updated with handball trends, news, and team analysis. Players who are not in form or have switched to different teams could affect a match's outcome.
  • Consider half-time bets if you can't predict what will happen after the match ends.
  • Work on live handball wagers for more valuable odds and base your bets on real-time data analysis.

Customer Support for Handball Betting

As you bet on handball, you should have a seamless experience. However, some navigation and usability issues could be frustrating. This necessitates the need for a responsive customer care team. We are ready to help with all your queries; contact us for any handball betting concerns.


What's the Best Way to Win Handball Bets?

It all depends on how you understand a matchup. Always figure out the winning strategies and work on them to have an edge when gambling. Primarily, factor in teams' skills, abilities, and things that could favor each other, such as players' strengths.

Do You Get Cash When Betting on Handball?

Yes, correct predictions earn you real money. The amount depends on the odds and the wager size,

How Do I Find Suitable Handball Bets?

All betting odds are good but can be risky if you are unfamiliar with them. You can avoid risky handball bets by assessing the match and the possibilities of particular outcomes in a match. Also, avoid staking if you have second thoughts, especially when trying new handball bet types. Tip: Compare all handball odds and the implied probability for increased chances of winning.