Football Betting


Introduction to Football Betting at GGBet

Arguably, soccer is one of the most renowned sports worldwide. Casinos have capitalized on this fact and introduced football betting, allowing gamblers to predict match outcomes. So, it is not about the game's thrill alone but a chance to stake and win from correct predictions.

GGBet is one of the best betting sites that has attracted punters all over. The website covers different soccer games with valuable odds for gamblers. Deciding to bet here presents endless wagering possibilities once you spot favorable odds. We have the ultimate betting guide for you, here is everything you need to know.

Types of Football Bets at GGBet

Successful betting begins with knowing the available markets. Football odds could be confusing unless you understand what they represent and how to leverage them. Below are viable football bet types worth evaluating.

  • The most common soccer betting market is the match result. Here, you will see two competing teams and must select the one you think will have an advantage. In most cases, favorites have lower odds because their chances of losing are minimal. A good scenario would be Arsenal playing against Sheffield United - the former has a higher winning potential.
  • Correct score bets are a wagering opportunity where you must foretell the result of the match. In this case, your prediction is based on the final outcome, including added minutes and whether penalties will be recorded. Your bet only wins if the outcome matches your suggested probability.
  • Another betting market that is common in football is over/under goals. For example, you can see 2.5 odds, which implies the match will have at least three goals. On the other hand, a 1.5 baseline means there will be no more than two goals.
  • Prop bets are variations of wagers based on probabilities. For instance, you can guess the number of goals, red and yellow cards, fouls, and total corners.
  • You can also come across accumulator bets. These are several possibilities combined in a single bet. For example, the betting site could believe five events can occur in a match and then formulate bets based on this. This bet is valuable, but all the predictions must happen as indicated for you to win. The downside with accumulator bets is you could lose the wager if one selection doesn't happen as projected. Examples of accumulator bets include Erling Haland scoring, Mark Cucurella being yellow carded, Bukayo Saka taking a corner, Mo Salah taking a penalty, and Emiliano Martinez making an incredible save. Not that accumulator bets could be specific (based on a single match) or varied (different matches).
  • Scorecast bets work like correct score wagers, except that you base them on the scoreline and the team or player to score. An example is where GGBet believes Gabriel Jesus will score and for Arsenal to win the game. Your bet wins if this happens (even if Arsenal wins, but Jesus didn't score, the bet loses).
  • Another viable betting market in football is where a team has double chances of winning or drawing. Think of a match between Barcelona and Juventus where the former has the home advantage. Since Juventus is a tough opponent, a draw or a win is expected. The odds will be indicated as 1X for Barcelona to draw or win or 2X for the away team to draw or win.
  • Wincast wagers are outcome-based. Your prediction is based on who will score and which team will likely win.
  • If you believe both teams will score in a match, you can select both teams to score (BTS) bet.
  • In addition, you can guess which player is likely to score in a match. There are multiple variations on this wager. For example, you can bet on the first half, second half, hat tricks, and penalties.
  • Finally, special odds are event-based. In this case, you can predict if a coach will be fired and other particular outcomes unrelated to a match.

Major Football Leagues and Events

While betting on soccer, you should understand the various tournaments that come with valuable bets. The following are notable events in football:

  • The English Premier League (EPL) is a significant event that happens from August to May. 20 teams participate in the tournament - this is the most regular soccer event, with matches happening almost every weekend.
  • The FIFA World Cup is a major tournament that happens every four years. It is a global event - different countries play at different levels to qualify for the World Cup.
  • Bundesliga
  • The UEFA Champions League
  • The UEFA Europa League
  • Copa America
  • The FIFA U-20 World Cup
  • FIFA Confederations Cup
  • Other events include the Africa Cup of Nations, the Scottish League, and the League Cup. You can also look out for local football events in your country and location.

Football Betting Odds at GGBet

Football odds can be a challenging topic to understand. These represent the implied probability based on a match's possible outcome and what the bookmarker thinks could occur. You can understand these by evaluating the bet against the payout ratio.

Odds can be for or against, whereby accurate results will earn you a cashout. The former has a lower payout, and vice versa for the latter. In most cases, soccer odds against represent wagers for the least favorite. Odds can be in the American format, fractional, or decimal.

Live Betting on Football at GGBet

Punters can bet hours before a match starts in any typical football betting scenario. However, live betting is a feature that most betting sites embrace to allow bettors to wager on a match during active play. The bet is made while factoring in everything happening in a matchup. Usually, you can evaluate a game's intensity and determine the likelihood that a particular scenario will happen. Live football bets keep changing based on the current stats.

For example, if a player scores and the opponent is possibly equalizing, the football odds will quickly change. The beauty of betting while a game is ongoing means you can use real-time data to make informed wagers.

Football Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBet

As you bet on football, you stand a chance to win real money for correct wagers and incentives to make your betting experience rewarding. The tokens vary and could be claimed if you meet specific requirements. In addition, eligibility for the promotions could be subject to different aspects, such as time.

First, you qualify for a welcome bonus upon creating a football betting account on our website. First account top-ups earn you a deposit package, while subsequent account funding makes you eligible for reload bonuses. Besides, you can top up your betting slip on special days and weekends and qualify for selected promotions. Finally, a loyalty bonus is available for loyal customers.

How to Place a Football Bet on GGBet

Betting on football is easy – here is how to do it:

  • Register and create a betting account on our website.
  • Fund your account with money that could be enough for your wagers; you can start small to avoid encountering heavy losses. Tip: only deposit the amount you wouldn't mind losing.
  • Browse through the betting area and find the football wagering category.
  • Check the odds and select the favorable ones.
  • Click bet now and submit your wager by clicking confirm and submit.

Football Betting Tips and Strategies

Before betting on soccer, you could assume it is an easier decision. However, this could be costly and, in some scenarios, mean losing your money. A good strategy helps you make the most of football bets with informed wagers. Here are tips that could see you win from your bets:

  • Understand the betting markets before picking the most suitable ones. The idea is to select bet types you are familiar with instead of trying something new unless you are experienced. For example, prop and accumulator bets are technical compared to outright winners. Therefore, think about the implied probability when selecting wagers.
  • Avoid guesswork and instead research the matches to determine possible outcomes. Wagers can be deceiving even when they look lucrative. Not every wager is worth selecting unless you understand a game's intensity and possibilities.
  • Be updated and familiarize yourself with soccer. Statics can be resourceful when formulating bets. Considerable aspects include a team/player's current form, the competition level, managerial skills, and how teams fare in previous competitions. Also, pay attention to the least favorite and the one likely to win.
  • Do not overlook details that could impact a match's outcome. These include team analysis, injuries, managing styles, motivation, and squad depths. Ideally, top players missing in a significant event would reduce a team's winning chances.
  • Live betting can be an option if you have no idea where to start; all the odds are formulated based on real happenings.

Customer Support for Football Betting

Wagering on football should be a straightforward process. But you could encounter challenges that would complicate this. Therefore, you can seek help from the support team and enjoy betting. Contact us today for any football betting questions and get comprehensive solutions as soon as possible.


How Do I Win on Football Betting?

First, understand football odds and determine the implied probability. Assess the probabilities when considering valuable betting instead of relying on your feelings. Note that favorite teams and players may not always emerge victorious.

What Football Odds Are Good?

All odds are suitable but can be confusing for beginners. However, you need extensive analysis before deciding. The most straightforward odds are match-winner bets, where you predict a match's winner.

How Much Can I Win Betting on Football?

The amount you win is subject to wager size. For example, if you stake $100 for a 2.5 wager, you could cash out $250 if the results match the football odds prediction.