Cricket Betting


Introduction to Cricket Betting at GGBet

Cricket is known to be among the oldest games worldwide, but it has become popular. Initially, it was present in a few nations but has now extended to the US.

The cricket game is not far from baseball; they share some similarities. If you are a baseball fan, you can also be part of cricket.

Cricket betting starts from having an interest and developing it. It takes you to where you can learn about the game, including the betting markets, game dynamics, scoring system, and players.

You then look for a platform to enable you to achieve what you are looking for. GGBet is one of the best bookmarkers for your interests.

It is genuine, safe, and offers the best markets and cricket odds. In addition, there are multiple bonuses and excellent customer service.

Everything starts with account setup and filling out your details. You then deposit funds and start sourcing the best odds.

Keep reading this ideal guide for exploring your cricket betting interests.

Types of Cricket Betting Markets at GGBet

Understanding betting types is part of absorbing what cricket betting entails. These markets come in a wide range; you should know how to use them before picking any.

You will come across the following cricket markets:

  • Match props- are outcomes connected to the events that happen during a match but are not subject to the final result. For instance, you can wager on a team that will get the highest score in the first four overs.
  • Over/under bets- these are totals and spreads. Totals is when you place your wager on the under or over the set total number. On the other hand, spreads are predictions based on the margin by which the winner will win.
  • Moneyline bets- you wager on the team that will win the game.
  • Future bets- you place the wager before the event begins. Here, you predict the tournament winner.
  • Match props- they involve predictions that revolve around a player's performance. For example, predicting the first player to score during a game.

Major Cricket Leagues and Events

With cricket, you enjoy local and international leagues and tournaments, making it more fun. Most of these events are held in areas registered with the International Cricket Council.

You can wager on these events and something to your bank account. They include:

  • T20 World Cup- currently, it is the top cricket championship. It first occurred in 2007, and since then, it has been scheduled every four years.
  • ICC Championship- is a women's event that leads the World Championships. It features eight national teams that play in a cycle of two years.
  • One Day Internationals is mostly called ODI and involves matches with the leading cricket countries worldwide. ODI is played in two innings; each side can only bat once.
  • The Ashes Series occurs every two years, featuring Australian and English national teams. It is an event that fans and players always look forward to as it comes with competitive gameplay and odds.

Cricket Betting Odds at GGBet

You can maximize American odds for your betting. American odds are given in underdogs (with a plus sign) and favorites (with a minus sign).

For instance, if team A has +150 and team B -200, A is the underdog while B is a favorite. Therefore, if you wager with $100 on +150 and it becomes successful, you earn $250. If you wager with $100 on -200, you win $150.

You can also try out decimal or fractional odds. With decimal odds, your possible payout is multiplied by the indicated cricket odds, while for fractional, your payout is subject to the amount you should wager with.

Live Betting On Cricket at GGBet

An in-play bet is when you wager on a player or game in an ongoing match. It is an exciting part of cricket betting but might not be recommended for beginners.

Cricket live betting is easy; you select live games in the cricket matches section. You can also follow the game and browse the markets in real-time.

However, as you place these bets, not that the odds keep changing as events unfold. In addition, the bets won't be open throughout the match.

Each time you place in-play bets, you should choose the updated ones. Otherwise, you may find yourself picking outdated bets.

Cricket Betting Promotions and Bonuses On GGBet

Everyone needs bonuses as they explore cricket odds. It is one way you can minimize your expenditure and increasing profits.

The bonus choices are deposit, welcome, cashback, loyalty, and free bets. When you can claim these bonuses, do it without haste.

Maximizing bonuses and promotions helps to increase your bankroll. For instance, if you are awarded free bets, you can wager on your favorite game without involving cash.

How to Place a Cricket On GGBet

When you sign up on GGBet, you can take advantage of cricket odds and markets to earn some cash. To place a wager, you should follow this guide:

  • Creating an account- it is a two-minute process. When you log on to the homepage, there is a registration form. Enter your personal, account, and financial details and confirm approval.
  • Make the first deposit- to bet with real money, you should deposit funds into your account. You can opt for debit cards, e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfer modes.
  • Ask for your bonus- GGBet offers welcome and deposit bonuses for first-time users. If you qualify for either of these bonuses, claim it.
  • Place your wager- there is a wide selection of betting odds. Always choose the best based on your betting style.
  • Process your payout- if your wager becomes successful, you can request your payout.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

After learning cricket basics and how you can place a wager, there is much more. Exploring your interests fully can only be successful with a few more strategies and tips.

They include:

  • Be rational- keep yourself from betting with emotions, especially after experiencing multiple unsuccessful wagers. Ensure you analyze everything well and make predictions based on accurate statistics. This helps you to make better decisions and place educated bets.
  • Pursue detailed research- if you assume the role of thorough cricket research in your betting journey, you are subject to multiple failures. You should research the basic things about cricket. This includes the current state of players, their psychological and moral state, and their latest performance. With this information, you get an easier time when choosing your odds.
  • Set your budget- everything goes well when you take care of your budget. Ensure that you place wagers based on your bankroll; it helps you avoid impulse betting, which could lead you to multiple losses and bankruptcy.
  • Track record your wagers- keeping a record of your losses, winnings, and predictions is one of the best ways to rate yourself. You are able to know if you are improving or if you have to put in extra effort.
  • Start small- as a beginner, you won't wake up overnight and find everything successful; you must start somewhere. You can start wagering on local events with a small amount. As you gain experience, you'll find yourself going for international events, live bets, and making better payouts.

Customer Support for Cricket Betting

You not only enjoy multiple betting markets and odds on GGBet, but there is also excellent customer support. Qualify services are among GGBet's priorities, and the platform has been consistent.

You access the services on a 24-hour system with a responsive customer service team. Whenever you need help, you can email or call using their telephone hotline.

Alternatively, you can reach out via live chat, especially if you like getting real-time responses. For beginners, you can get answers to your questions in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

The most interesting part is that you can access the services in English, Russian, and Portuguese.


Is there Cricket Live Betting On GGBet?

GGBet is one of the best platforms offering in-play cricket betting. You can pursue your interests after signing up and funding your account.

Which Odds Make It Easier to Calculate My Winnings?

GGBet offers three alternative odds for betting. However, the best for calculating your wins are the American odds.

Which Cricket Events Can I Bet On at GGBet?

You can bet on the Ashes Series, ICC Championship, and the T20 World Cup. These events come with the best cricket odds, markets, and better payouts.