Chess Betting


Introduction to Chess Betting at GGBet

Chess betting is similar to gambling on other sports. However, you may want a comprehensive guide to know how you can utilize lucrative bets. Chess discipline features two players, referred to as black and white. Each player is expected to strategize and control given chess pieces while targeting to checkmate the challenger's king.

Chess gained popularity recently and has an increasing fan base, mainly because chess has created unexplainable tension and is a strategic game. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you want to minimize any possibility of losing money.

GGBet is a licensed betting site where you can create an account and start your chess betting journey. Besides, you will get a welcome bonus for betting on this site. With experienced chess players and bettors on our site, you will have resourceful insights into betting. Here is everything you need to know about betting on chess.

Types of Chess Bets at GGBet

Having several chess betting options to pick from makes it easier to find bet types that work for you. There are multiple options to choose from, including:

  • Double chances are the most suitable bets for cautious bettors. This bet type is based on the possibility of keeping away from defeat.
  • Opening move bets are made factoring in a player's first move. You can assess player tendencies to predict what they are likely to do.
  • Match-winner bets are subject to who you think will win in a match (team or player-based).
  • Number of moves is a bet where you predict the number of moves that would happen for a game to end.
  • Outright winner bets are wagers where you peg your guess on a tournament's ultimate winner. The odds are subject to the individual strength of the player and the outcome of each round.

Major Chess Leagues and Events on GGBet

Becoming a successful bettor starts when you know the events to bet on. That is why knowing prestigious and worth-checking events, specifically those with larger prize pools, is important. The most significant events to consider in chess include:

  • The Grand Chess Tour is a yearly event between August and September. The event usually includes major series from different parts of the world.
  • The Chess World Championship happens every two years, in September and October, and is open to professional and inexperienced players. However, there are separate events for juniors and women.
  • The Candidates Tournaments feature the top performers of various significant tournaments. The number of participants varies in every event, but eight players have competed lately.
  • The Chess Olympiad happens in early August and features teams from around the world. Each of its teams has four members and is open to men and women.
  • Super Tournaments are annual private competitions that don't follow specific calendars. However, participating in this event is subject to invitation.

Chess Betting Odds at GGBet

Chess betting odds represent the possibility of a particular outcome happening. Usually, they represent the implied probability based on what the oddsmaker thinks will happen. However, there is something most bettors may not understand when picking odds – the underdog is always advantageous.

You use the odds to guess what you could get if the bet wins. The odds are fractional, American, or decimal:

  • American odds - they have an attached negative or plus sign. The former represents what you can get for correct bets, whereas the latter signifies the bet amount.
  • As for fractional odds, the numerator is the possibility of an outcome happening, while the denominator represents the amount you will get multiplied by this digit.
  • Decimal odds- allow you to guess your payout at the end of the match. You multiply the available number by your betting amount.

Live Betting on Chess at GGBet

Many bettors have an opportunity to bet during active gameplay. Chess live betting is attractive as it comes with live odds as the game progresses. You can only leverage live chess odds if you are keen because they quickly change when something happens in the match.

The advantage is you can have real-time analysis or discuss with other bettors before wagering. In addition, you can use real-time stats provided by the oddsmaker to predict an outcome based on the available open markets.

Another exciting thing about live betting is the possibility of cashing out if your bet wins even before a contest ends.

Chess Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

GGbet assures its users of an incredible betting experience. The site does this by providing incentives and offers to entice new and existing users to have the most rewarding journey in betting. Eligibility is subject to different criteria you must meet before redeeming the reward. Some of the promotions available at GGBet include:

  • A welcome bonus that you can claim after signing up for the first time upon the completion of registration.
  • Get a deposit bonus as a reward on your first bet slip top-up.
  • Loyalty bonuses are tokens for a long-time bettor at GGBet. You must earn a higher betting level to be awarded a loyalty bonus.
  • The reload bonus is a promotional offer for making frequent deposits to your betting account.

How to Place a Chess Bet on GGBet

Getting started on betting on chess shouldn't be a difficult task. Since this can be overwhelming for first-timers, here is what you should do:

  • Register your account by providing basic details and a secure password.
  • Select a convenient payment method to enable deposits and withdrawals of funds.
  • Make the first deposit based on the amount you want to wager – you cannot bet without money.
  • Head over to the chess section, review the available events, and choose the ones you wish to bet on.
  • Select the odds and add to your bet slip, then add the wagering amount.
  • Look out for the outcome to see if the bet pays out.

Chess Betting Tips and Strategies

Successful bettors start from somewhere, with many recording several losses before finding what works for them. That is why you must take time and learn everything about chess and tournaments when contemplating betting. While regular practicing helps boost your winning chances, it takes time and good strategies. Here are tactics worth working on:

  • Event formats are worth noting if you want to bet. Players have varied strategies that may not always pay in specific chess formats. Some players may anticipate a draw based on the next step.
  • Consider players' performances and advantageous strategies. Statistics covering previous matches are resourceful in determining a competitor's thoughts, strengths, and gaming approaches. You can use it to your advantage and analyze the possibility of a win, lose, or draw.
  • Be informed by learning everything that defines chess. You can only be good at chess betting if you understand how the game is played and how participants become winners. Also, analyze the possibilities to predict an outcome.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions available at GGBet. User offers can boost your betting journey.

Customer Support for Chess Betting

Excellent customer services are attractive to all bettors. GGBet prioritizes this and ensures all customers get support whenever a need arises. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help on a 24-hour basis. Contact us for all queries related to chess betting and get help as soon as possible.


Is Betting on Chess Easy?

Chess betting is straightforward:

  • Sign up.
  • Fund your betting slip.
  • Compare the available bet types and odds.
  • Submit a wager.

What Chess Betting Odds Can You Find?

The selection of betting odds is diverse, so you won't lack options. Examples include outright winners, double chances, and the number of moves.

Does GGBet Offer the Best Returns for Chess Betting?

Betting returns are subject to the amount you wager and correct outcomes. For example, a corresponding double chance might pay more if the results correspond to this prediction. Therefore, correct chess odds with a huge wager will attract the best returns.