American Football Betting

Introduction to American Football Betting at GGBet

Spending money on sports while predicting a match's outcome can be an excellent idea to have an income. American football betting comes with unimaginable amounts of money for bets that match the outcome.

Lately, many punters are wagering on American football at GGBet. We are the number one betting site with multiple odds to select from. What's more, you can use our expert tips to make promising wagers and cash out for bets that win. Besides, we have promotions and bonuses that will enhance your betting experience.

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular event that comes with several betting opportunities. Whether it is your first time to bet or a pro at it, you can admit that American football betting is not a walk in the pack. With the perfect betting guide, you have insightful ideas to increase your winning chances – read our comprehensive guide for details.

Types of American Football Bets at GGBet

Sportsbooks come up with bets and highlight them on the likelihood of an event happening. Understanding the available betting markets makes it easier to select valuable picks and stand a chance of cashing out. American football betting markets include:

  • Match-winner or moneyline bets are the most common in NFL tournaments. The wagers are determined based on the possibility of a team winning. Such odds disadvantage favorite teams by giving them lower odds and vice versa. The odds will have a minus sign for favorites and a plus for the underdogs.
  • Prop bets are guesses pegged on particular happenings that will be witnessed in a match. These include the players who will score, goals to be scored, fouls, and more. Prop bets vary, more so in live betting.
  • Consider parlay bets if you can guess multiple outcomes in a particular match. This pick combines several possibilities in a single bet. Though valuable, your bet loses if one event doesn't happen as pre-determined.
  • Over/under bets are wagers that require you to bet on the totals that a match will record. You bet against a scoreline if the totals will be higher or lower.
  • If you can predict a match's total points, consider handicap betting.
  • Touchdowns, teams to score first or last, and future bets are viable wagers. The latter is based on an event that will happen in the future, and you could back one of the best teams. Future wagers are perfect selections for tournaments like the Conference, Season Specials, the Winning Conference, and the Division.

Major American Football Leagues and Events on GGBet

GGBet covers various events in American football under the betting category. Knowing the competitions to bet on helps make the most of wagering. For suitable American football odds, check out these significant competitions:

  • Watch out for the NFL regular season, which is played annually. It is held between September and December and features 32 US-based teams, 16 from each conference (the National and American conferences).
  • Every January is time for the NFL playoffs series, which happens in January – the victors progress to the championships.
  • After the NFL, teams participate in the Superbowl.
  • The American Football World Championships is the most prestigious series in this sport. It is an international tournament featuring various national teams every four years.

Despite American football being a top sport in the US, other countries have different competitions in this sport. These include the following leagues:

  • Liga de Futbol Americano is Mexico’s league.
  • The Austrian Football League (AFL) is Austria's national league.
  • The German Football League
  • Brazilian Football League (BFA)
  • British American Football League
  • The French Elite Championship

American Football Betting Odds at GGBet

Understanding American football odds and what they signify is a primary factor in successful gambling. Odds signify the estimated win probability as determined by the oddsmaker. If a particular occurrence has minimal chances of happening, the odds favor this possibility. Similarly, the higher the possibility of a particular outcome, the lower the odds. Sportbooks represent odds in decimals, fractions, and American formats.

  • Decimal betting odds are the most common and represent the amount you can win for every dollar you wager. Usually, the digits after a decimal point represent how much you could bag if your bet wins. Odds under 3.0 are favorite-based. You can calculate your potential payout based on the decimal provided in the bet with the stake amount.
  • Fractional American football betting odds are usually an option. You can calculate a possible payout based on the figure you see before the slash symbol. The first number represents your bet, while the latter is the payout (payout/bet).
  • Moneyline or American odds are less common and straightforward. Typically, you need to predict the game's winner by choosing negative or positive odds to bet for the favorites or underdogs respectively.

Live Betting on American Football at GGBet

Betting on a live match brings gambling to a new level. Ideally, all predictions are based on real-time stats. Since you are watching every possibility unfold, you can assess the stats throughout the match and make valuable bets.

The possibilities include what could happen at stoppage time. Also, you can base your wagers on the first quarter of any match before deciding.

Other than evaluating possible outcomes, you can consider what tipsters provide. Such odds are based on everything that could happen in the ongoing match. You can analyze all these and evaluate the possibilities before wagering.

American Football Betting Promotions and Bonuses at GGBet

One of the considerations punters look into when finding a betting site is promotions and offers awaiting them. GGBet has a couple of bonuses for new and existing users, including:

  • Choosing to bet at GGBet and signing up makes you eligible for a welcome bonus to reward you for preferring this site. This offer is time-bound and has wagering conditions you should meet when claiming.
  • Adding money to your betting account makes you eligible for a deposit bonus, which is a percentage of the amount.
  • Topping up your account subsequently comes with a reload package you can claim by following specific instructions.
  • Occasionally, you could be eligible for special incentives for deposits and betting done on particular days, such as weekends and holidays.
  • Stand a chance of claiming a loyalty bonus to reward you for making GGBet your number-one betting site.

How to Place an American Football Bet on GGBet

If you want to bet on American football, follow these necessary steps:

  • Check our betting site and select the bet now tab for registration prompts. You will fill in basic introduction details to set up an account.
  • Authenticate your betting account by confirming your registration details.
  • Choose the payment method and add funds to your betting slip.
  • Browse the American football odds category and find the best selection.
  • Select the preferred betting market, confirm the choice, and submit the bet.

American Football Betting Tips and Strategies

Winning when betting on American football is the most fulfilling thing for any bettor. You can minimize losing bets by working on tactical techniques. Here is how you can increase your chances of winning when picking American football odds:

  • Understand how teams win by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses to determine the total points. Factor in injuries, weather, and home-field advantage because they significantly impact the outcome.
  • Know how American football is played, what a matchup entails, and the chances of particular scenarios happening.
  • Only bet on competitive events and skip the ones with less than a 51% win probability.
  • Opt for an American football betting market you are familiar with. For example, handicap odds are suitable before a game happens, whereas live betting is perfect during a matchup. While at it, avoid risky bets, such as accumulators, if you can't figure out every wager availed in this bet.

Customer Support for American Football Betting at GGBet

A good betting site must have responsive customer support ready to help with any issues arising from using the platform. While punters expect a seamless experience, you may encounter issues like depositing money to your account, placing bets, cashing out, and other user-related issues.

Such scenarios call for a professional help team. GGBet has a readily available customer care team to handle all American football betting issues. You can get in touch with us via live chat, email, or call for quick help.


Which American Football Bets is Good?

Consider predicting a match's winner, as it is the most straightforward bet. Research more about this sport and formulate techniques to minimize risky bets.

How Do You Win an American Football Bet?

Wagering and winning are two different things because the latter is based on outcomes matching the prediction. Several dynamics go into play when gambling on American football. Regular practice, backing underdogs, and evaluating all odds are instrumental in placing valuable bets.

Is it Easy to Win and Cash Out on Successful American Football Bets?

Yes. Countless punters have won real money betting on American football competitions. There is no accurate bet that cannot be converted into real money unless otherwise. Therefore, find suitable American football odds and bet – you will withdraw winnings if the bet doesn't lose.